Before You File: VA Disability Claims


The Before You File: VA Disability Claims Guidebook is a tool that helps you make sure that each claim you file is satisfying the 3 Elements of Service Connection. This guidebook is valuable for active military members preparing to separate, veterans preparing to file a claim, family or friends of a veteran that are helping the veteran file a claim, and anyone else looking to assist a veteran with filing a claim. This Guidebook allows you to go claim by claim and inventory your evidence to make sure you are submitting the strongest claim possible. 

How To Use It

1.    Make a list of the claims you wish to file for.

2.    Open the Guidebook, then answer the question set about the 1st claim on your list.

3.    After you’ve completed the questions for this claim, go to the next question set in the Guidebook.

4.    Answer the question set about the next claim on your list. 

5.    Repeat the steps for the rest of your claims.

And as always, you can send any feedback, questions, or words of appreciation to [email protected].

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